“We are a different kind, we can do anything. We could be heroes, we could be heroes me and you!” – Alesso and Tove Lo

So I’m sitting at my desk, at a day job I like but not love and the song “Heroes” comes on my Spotify. At that moment the words lit up in my mind. I can be a hero, a hero in my own career and do what I love. I am a different kind, I’m an entrepreneur, and I can do anything!

With this mindset I decided to start a business, but starting from the beginning is never easy. I have so many questions! How do I start? What do I sell? What’s the first thing I need to do to make my business legit? I could go on. Just thinking of everything I needed to do was becoming overwhelming.

Then I discovered something new that changed my life, a podcast called, “Love Being Boss” by Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon. In this I found clarity, motivation and the community I needed to keep moving forward with my dreams. I realized there are people out there who have accomplished my dream of becoming a creative entrepreneur and it’s worth it. After listening to the podcast over several days, gathering tips and tricks along the way, one important thing that stuck out was “Do the work.” So… I AM.

Stick around to follow my creative entrepreneurial journey I now call, “The Creative Pantry.”

Here we go!